Strike and Fiserv Team Up to Enable Bitcoin Lightning Payments on Clover

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• Strike, a payments company, has announced that it is an integrated partner with Fiserv, the parent company of Clover.
• This integration will allow merchants to accept bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network.
• The trial period is now active and Clover merchants can reach out to Strike in order to enable cheaper, faster payments using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Strike Partners with Fiserv/Clover

Strike CEO Jack Mallers has announced that Strike has become an integrated partner with payments giant Fiserv, parent company of Clover. This partnership enables merchants to accept bitcoin over the Lightning Network.

Trial Period

This rollout is part of a 90-day trial period where speed and cost of facilitating transactions will be measured as well as the amount of business that integrating Lightning brings to merchants. After this trial period, Strike aims to enter the Clover app store and eventually integrate directly into Clover for all their merchants.

Accepting Payments

The integration is not limited to just Strike and any source capable of making a Lightning payment can be used — such as Cash App or even a node over Tor. Ultimately, these payment giants want to see how successful Lightning is in use and how it compares to other payment networks like Visa and MasterCard.

Pilot Program Now Active

Strike’s pilot program with Fiserv/Clover is now active and merchants can contact them in order to enable cheaper and faster payments using Bitcoin through the Lightning Network.


The partnership between Strike & Fiserv/Clover provides another avenue for merchants worldwide to experience the benefits from using Bitcoin enabled by the Lightning Network such as low fees & fast transactions speeds – hopefully providing valuable data during its trial period!