• Bitcoin had a defining year in 2022 and is set to have an even bigger year in 2023.
• The Global South will continue to lead Bitcoin adoption, with growth seen in countries such as Ghana and Nigeria.
• The divide between Bitcoin and other digital assets will grow as Bitcoin’s use cases become more recognized.

Bitcoin had a defining year in 2022, and as we look ahead to 2023, the potential for further growth is immense. With the rise of the digital economy, people are increasingly turning to Bitcoin to fill a gap that traditional financial systems are failing to address. Not only is Bitcoin a more efficient and cost-effective solution for sending money and making payments, but also it is a way to preserve wealth and make it accessible to more people.

The Global South is leading the way in Bitcoin adoption, with countries such as Ghana and Nigeria seeing significant growth in trade volume. This is due to the necessity of Bitcoin in these areas, as it offers a cheaper and more efficient way to send money home, make payments, and preserve wealth. The Built With Bitcoin Foundation is helping to facilitate this growth by opening the Bitcoin Technology Center in Kumasi, Ghana, which is set to educate 400 people in its first year.

Furthermore, the divide between Bitcoin and other digital assets is set to grow even further as the use cases of Bitcoin become more widely recognized. Bitcoin is backed by human work, and it has proven its unique ability to cut through the dead weight of speculation and provide a secure, reliable form of digital money. This, coupled with its global reach, makes it an attractive option for those who want to join the digital economy.

As we move into 2023, it is clear that Bitcoin is here to stay. We look forward to seeing the impact it has on the global economy and the way it continues to transform the financial landscape. With the right investments and education, Bitcoin has the potential to bring financial inclusion to billions more people and further level the playing field for all.

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